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“Be Siargao is the lifestyle and community magazine born and based in Siargao Island, Philippines. Our main goal is to offer quality information to the residents and to the visitors in Siargao. We believe in the power of journalism and information as a tool to change and improve lives. Through our pages, we cover all the surf news and also the daily issues of the island: environment, culture, lifestyle, tourism, health, community.

Siargao is experiencing a lightning growth, faster than the local community is able to handle. If the vital tools and support are not provided, such as reliable information and knowledge, the people of Siargao, especially the locals, will be the first to be affected by the negative effect of this development.

Edition after edition, we try to be useful to our beautiful community, it is one in a thousand. The support, effort and persistence that we all put in preserving the gem that is Siargao, is total.

Being the only media operating on the island, we feel responsible and motivated to be the right voice for everyone.

Be Siargao was created in April 2018 and our first edition was published in May 2018.

We write stories that matters, for and about the humans of Siargao.”

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