Editorial - The River of Time


Time is the most precious commodity we have. It is an intangible concept, but one which is always present, no matter how old we are, where we are or what we do. Time constantly moves with our shadow and there is no way of stopping it. In this sense, it can be our best ally or our worst enemy. We will never be able to prevent time from ticking by, but we can utilise every second we have on this planet to make the most of this wonderfully unique opportunity.

Since the clock never stops running we have no option but to continually try and move forward, no matter how great the challenge or how uncertain the future may seem. The paths that we have previously walked will never be walked again, and the mysterious beauty about this journey is that we never quite know when it will end.

Some people, due to difficult experiences, live their life for a short period remembering moments from the past, which brings them back to memories of a fonder time. However, in every sense, no matter how big or small, from a mere individual to the entire universe, everything is constantly evolving, so if you continue to live in the past you will eventually run the risk of being left behind. By accepting this statement, we can make the fear of change less hurtful, while making it easier to move in the direction of time… forwards! We may not have the power to control time, but we do have the power to use our time as wisely as we can!

We all have scars… chapters of our lives that we must eventually draw a line under… however, that is not to say that you should forget the past, but you should try and use your previous experiences to shape a brighter future and build a stronger version of yourself. If you become stuck in a world of self-pity, in the long run, the only one you will be hurting is yourself. When all is said and done, those final moments of reflection will be the time to see if the path we chose was the correct one, so go out there and chase your dreams, take risks and love your loved ones.

Don’t be scared of potentially failing whilst chasing your dreams, but do be afraid of failing to chase your dreams. You only get one shot at this beautiful thing called life, so go out there and write the best possible story you can and try to enjoy every moment of your journey!

Olga Garcia

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