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Judging in surfing can be subjective and there are too many variables to be taken into consideration during a competition. We sat down with Luke Landrigan, President of the Philippine Surfing Championship Tour (PSCT) to better understand how it works.

To begin with, PSCT follows the same judging criteria as the World Surf League (WSL). During each leg of the tour, there are between three to five judges writing down scores at the judging tower, plus the Head Judge and the Priority Judge, all of them certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA).

Each judge, has a tablet where they enter their scores individually and they must be visually separated. Behind them, the Head Judge stands. His task is to overlook the job of the judges, but he or she cannot interfere unless an adjustment or re-evaluation has to be done. For example, three judges gave a 5.5 and the fourth gave a 2. In this case, as the score is not accurate for the fourth judge, the Head Judge can ask the respective judge to re-evaluate his score. As well as in the case, the Head Judge considers that the judging panel did not see the situation or wave completely. The Head Judge can also delay the start of the next heat or round whilst the decision is made.

What do the judges look for?

The judges look for the following when scoring waves: speed, power and flow; commitment and degree of difficulty, how much risk does the surfer take; innovative and progressive maneuvers, how you pass from one maneuver to another; combination of major maneuvers, how the maneuvers are performed; and finally the variety of maneuvers.

Confidence is also a very important factor, since confidence will always grant the surfer with more control on the skill and cleaner movements . During the 20-minute heat, the surfer can take as many waves as desired, although only the best two waves will make the final score.

Wave scoring during PSCT events:

In order to score the highest, all maneuvers have to be finished in a clean way to be counted. The judges stop scoring when the surfer stops surfing.

From 0.1 to 1.9 points (Poor), generally refers to wipe outs. From 2.0 to 3.9 points (Fair), usually represents a failed attempt, for example when a surfer tries to do an aerial but falls while the landing. 4.0 to 5.9 points (Average) are given when the surfer did perform a trick but not in the cleanest way. From 6.0 to 7.9 points (Good), the surfer performed a nice and clean trick. Finally, from 8.0 to 10.0 points (Excellent), the most difficult score to get, translates to an exceptional performance. In Cloud 9, the highest score would certainly be a barrel.

Specifically on barrels, there are also many variables. The first criteria would be how the surfer entered the barrel. If he or she takes it behind the peak or more inside, it is more challenging, showing a higher degree of difficulty. The amount of time spent inside the barrel also counts, the longer the more difficult. The last thing the judge will look into is, of course, exiting the barrel, how fast the surfer was going and how easy it was perceived to the spectators.

Now you know, write down all these tricks and tips for this coming 2019 PSCT tour.

Best of luck surfers!


Unohon Pag-score nan Pinakagana na Bayud

An paghukom sa surfing mahimo na subhetibo sanan may hamok na mga baryable na ikonsiderar pagka may kompetisyon. Nolingkod kami iban ni Luke Landrigan, an Presidente nan Philippine Surfing Championship Tour (PSCT) para mas masabtan unhon ini paghimo.

Para sugdan, an PSCT nagsunod nan pareho na kriterya sa paghukom sa World Surf League (WSL). Sa kada bahin sa tour, jaoy tuyo hangtod lima ka mga hukom na magsuyat nan scores sa tore hukmanan, dugang pa an Panguyo na Hukom sanan an Priyoridad na Hukom, sila tanan sertipikado sa International Surfing Association (ISA).

An kada hukom may ija tablet diin nila ibutang an ila scores kada isa sanan kinahanglan makita na maglagjo sila. Lujo nila, magtindog an Panguyo na Hukom. An ija tahas amo an pagbantay sa trabaho nan mga hukom, pero dili sija pwede manhilabot gawas kon may adjustment o utro na ebalwasyon na kinahanglan hinangon. Pananglit, may tuyo ka mga hukom na naghatag nan 5.5 sanan may ika upat na naghatag nan 2. Sa ini na kaso, kay an score dili tukma sa ika upat na hukom an Panguyo na Hukom pwede moajo adto na hukom para utrohon na ija score. Haod sab sa kaso na an Panguyo na Hukom nagkonsiderar sa mga manhukomay na waya makakita sa sitwasyon o bayud na kompleto. An Panguyo na Hukom pwede sab makadugay sa pagsugod nan sunod na heat o turno samtang naghimo pa sila nan desisyon.

Uno an taghanap nan mga hukom?

An mga hukom naghanap nan mosunod pagka mag score nan mga bayud: kapaspas, kakusog sanan pagpadajon; pagkomiter sanna kalisod, uno ka risgo an taghimo nan surfer; makabag-o sanan progresibo na mga maneuvers, tag-uno pagbalhin gikan sa isa ka maneuver ngadto sa lain; kombinasyon sa mga dagko na maneuvers, tag-uno paghimo an mga maneuvers; sanan sa kataposan an lain-lain na mga maneuvers.

An pagsalig isa sab ka importante karajaw na factor, kay an pagsalig maghatag sa surfer nan dugang kontrol sa ija abilidad sanan mas limpyo na paglihok.

Atol sa 20 minutos na heat, an surfer mahimo mokuha nan biskan pila ka bayud na ija gusto, pero an duha na pinakagana na bayud amo an mahimo na final score.

Pagscore nan bayud atol sa kalihokan nan PSCT:

Para makascore nan pinakataas, an tanan maneuvers kinahanglan humanon na limpyo para maihap. An mga hukom moundang sa scoring kon an surfer moundang na pagsurf.

Gikan sa 0.1 hangtod points (Poor), sagad mga wipe outs. Gikan sa 2.0 hangtod 3.9 points (Fair), mga pagsuway napakyas, pananglit an surfer mosuway nan aerial pero nahuyog pagtugpa. 4.0 hangtod 5.9 points (Average) ihatag kon an surfer makahimo nan trick pero dili sa limpyo na paagi. GIkan 6.0 hangtod 7.9 (Good), an surfer naghimo nan magana sanan limpyo na trick. Sa kataposan, gikan 8.0 hangtod 10.0 points (Excellent), an pinakalisod makuha na score, pasabot talagsaon gajod na pasundajag. Sa Cloud 9, an pinakataas na score sigurado gajod na isa ka barrel.

Labaw na sa mga barrels, hamok sab an baryable. An una kriterya amo tag-uno nan surfer pagsuyod sa barrel. Kon mokuha ba sija gikan sa peak o mas sa suyod, kay mas makahagit ini, nagpakita nan taas na grado nan kalisod. An kadugay suyod sa barrel apil sab, mas dugay mas lisod. an An kataposan na tan-awon nan hukom, an paggawas sa barrel, uno kapaspas an surfer sanan uno ka sajon tan-awon sa mga manan-away.

Kuman nahibayo na kaw, isuyat ini tanan na tricks sanan tips para sa moabot na 2019 PSCT tour.

Swerte sa ato mga surfers!

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