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Written by Peter Ian E. Capocao Cover photo by Jared Rice

“What we’re really living through and what we think we’re living through are two completely different things” - Brad Warner author of Shut Up and Sit Down

Take a look at yourself. What do you see? Is it the person you think you are? In this present time while the world is healing, let’s take the opportunity to see how we are or how we’ve been doing with our practice in life. Learning with mindful-consciousness is the key to an open mind and heart.

With situations where questions have no straight answers to the cost and effect of life, a better part of you, me and us, just simply needs to breathe. Take that simple moment to get sucked into your “self.” That can have a big impact in creating a space for your body and mind, for it to become one, as it has always been. We just need to remind ourselves.

Photo by Motoki Tonn

I believe finding the balance is the balance itself. Being too literal in thinking of balance, we lose the context of what it really means. The internal and external work of our wellbeing is in that balanced state which is relaxed, and active mentally and physically. It’s important that we embrace our weakness out of fear; to not deny it, is the first step. But we should be responsible for our actions and make sure we don’t linger too much on either side of the coin.

Let us study our actions, starting with the observation of our habits. See what to remove from those layers conditioned and influenced by our society. The fear and greed shouldn’t take over all of who you are. Let the temptation be a reminder that you are stronger, that you are a growing, responsible person. Through this we will then wake up more to our natural senses.

Art by Daniele Levis Pelusi

Moments where we are more vulnerable, showcases work that gives us a thrill and excitement, knowing that there is a way of improving our life. It takes discipline to progress into self-development. To make it easier is to drop and let go of unnecessary forces or those pieces of corrupted consciousness stuck in our minds. Just watch your habits and behaviour and see if the repetitiveness is stopping your growth or learning. Remember, it is innate for us as humans to have love - we are built to have faith in life. Breathing is a step backwards that we need to learn, to identify factors of reality, to have skills to be observant. Slowly you’ll see more of the true blissfulness of this life from your own perspective.

Little observations from the cause and effect of life, follows the karma philosophy; “what goes around comes around”. With such a mindset you train to practice, it’s just a matter of time that life will be better for you. Somehow it will generate positive energy that drives a positive effect to your environment. Remember that we are the change that we’ve been waiting for. So take a moment and enjoy to breathe, we are more free than we perceive. Everything has its impermanence.

Photoby Greg Rakozy

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