PSCT: Life on Tour


Written by Imi Garcia

The Philippine Surfing Championship Tour (PSCT) is the premier professional surfing competition where top surfers from all over the Philippines compete in multiple locations around the country, vying for a spot on the National Surfing Team.

Last September the PSCT landed in Siargao for the first leg of the 2019 Tour, which saw a total of 112 surfers join the competition from all over the country. During the five-day event we witnessed the Philippines finest surfers battling it out for the prestigious title, and with the world class break of Cloud 9 providing constant 3-foot waves for the entire competition - including a few barrels on Finals Day - there was plenty of spectacular action. This year’s competition was dedicated to the godfather of Philippines Surfing, Honorable Mayor Jaime Plaza Rusillon, who sadly passed away on the 20th of April earlier this year. Mayor Rusillon supported the surf industry since the mid-’90s, paving the way for both national and international surfing competitions to become a reality in Cloud 9.

During this year’s edition, we saw the groms ripping and they used their local knowledge of Cloud 9 to full effect as they progressed through the opening round by defeating their opponents from other provinces. It was refreshing and exciting to witness the high quality surfing that the next generation of surfers of the Philippines are already showing.

Another highlight of the competition was Kent Brian Solloso, who advanced into the quarterfinals and proved to be a worthy competitor and a future threat to other veterans.

As usual, the top seeds of the Men’s Open Division provided the action everyone was looking for with the one and only John Mark ‘Marama’ Tokong performing an incredible superman trick during the quarter and semifinals, which propelled him into the final.

During the semifinals, the unstoppable ‘Piso’ Alcala performed an air reverse on the most critical part of the wave, before backing it up with multiple well-timed turns. This proved to be the most critical manoeuvre of the entire competition and deservedly earned him a place in the final.

Just as we’ve witnessed many times in the past, the final saw the two Siargaonon favourites ‘Marama' and ‘Piso’ line up for another man-on-man duel, but this time around it was ‘Piso’ who brought home the victory to be crowned the champion of the 21st National Siargao Surfing Cup.

In the Junior’s Division, Marbin Delamide became the Champion after winning a tight final against John Carlos Noguera, Jomarie Ebueza and Gabriel Lerog. Delamide has competed in previous legs of the PSCT, but this is the first time that he had qualified and won a final. Congratulations to Piso Alcala and Marbin Delamide, Champions of the 21st National Surfing Cup.

In October, the PSCT landed for the first time ever in Eastern Samar, known as the Visayas Surfing Capital. The competition was held in Calicoan Island at ABCD Point. This left-handed wave is a goofy footers paradise, so while it provided a new test for the regular footers, it also provided some much needed balance to the previously only right-handed PSCT, which resulted in some changes to the usual rankings.

A total of 160 surfers joined the competition in Samar. During the whole contest, the conditions were great offering 2 foot clean waves, with onshore winds for brief spells of the contest.

In contrast to Siargao, the Samar leg had five categories: Men’s and Women’s Shortboard, Men’s and Women’s Longboard and Junior’s Division.

Siargaonon surfers conquered the Shortboard Divisions, while La Union surfers ruled the Longboard Divisions. Roger Cagusay and Daisy Valdez, were crowned the champions of the Longboard Divisions.

For the first time since September 2018, Editor Jr “Piso” Alcala was defeated in a semifinal by Jay-r Esquivel, who would go on to face John Mark “Marama” Tokong in the final. The La Union boy took the lead after linking together a solid 7 point wave, leaving ‘Marama’ behind, but with time still on the clock the Siargaonon surfer tried mix things up by catching some right-handed waves, but that plan didn’t pay off, which left ‘Marama’ needing an 8.66 at the halfway stage.

The goofy footer, Jay-r Esquivel, mastered the wave and deservedly earned the title with a total heat score of 15.50 points. In an interview immediately after the Siargao contest, Jay-r Esquivel felt convinced that he could win this leg of the PSCT and his predictions came to fruition in Samar.

The Women’s Shortboard was won by Jolina Longos, who claimed her first win on the PSCT. The wahine from the town of Pacifico in Siargao scored 9.60 points - leaving Ana Mae Alipayo to settle for second place this time around.

The Juniors Final was one full of changes with two Siargaonon’s battling it out - Gabriel Lerog, last year’s PSCT champion versus Benjomar Canon, who won the Siargao leg of the tour in 2018. The reigning champion - Lerog - proved too strong as he claimed victory by 1.15 points and as he paddled back to the beach his friends lifted him into the air to celebrate.

With surfing now being an official Olympic Sport, the PSCT provides the perfect platform to nourish the talent of up and coming surfers, while allowing them to grow and fight for a spot on the National Surfing Team.

Stay tuned as this November the PSCT will travel to La Union from the 15th to the 21st for the final leg of the 2019 Championship Tour.

Surigaonon version

PSCT: Life On Tour

An Philippine Surfing Championship Tour (PSCT) amo an panguna na propesyonal na kompetisyon nan surfing diin an pinaka marajaw na mga surfers gikan tibuok Pilipinas magsangka sa hamok na mga lugar sa nasod, nagtumong sila na makakuha nan pwesto sa National Surfing Team.

Sa nolabay na Septembre an PSCT noabot sa Siargao para sa una na bahin nan 2019 na Tour, diin may total 112 ka mga surfers an niapil sa kompetisyon gikan sa tibuok nasod. Atol sa lima ka adlaw na kalihokan nasaksihan nato an pinaka marajaw na surfers nan Pilipinas na nagsangka para sa prestihiyoso na titulo, sanan iban sa sikat sa kalibotan na break nan Cloud 9 na naghatag nan padajon na tag 3 ka siki na mga bayud sa tibuok kompetisyon - apil an pipila ka mga barrels sa Finals Day - jaoy hamok na talan-awon na mga aksyon.

An kompetisyon nan ini na tuig tagdedikar sa ninong nan Surfing sa Pilipinas, an Madungganon na Mayor Jaime Plaza Rusillon, sin-o nitaliwan adton ika 20 nan Abril sa sajo ini na tuig. Si Mayor Rusillon nisuportar sa industirya nan surf gikan pa sa tunga-tunga na mga 90, nag-andam sa agianan para sa nasyonal sanan internasyonal na kompetisyon nan surfing na mahimo na kamatuoran sa Cloud 9.

Atol sa edisyon nan ini na tuig, nakakita kita na mga groms na nipaksit sanan taggamit nila an ila lokal na kahibayo sa Cloud 9 nan hingpit samtang nag-abante sila ronda na sugod pinaagi sa pagpildi sa ila mga kontra sa lain probinsya. Presko sanan mahinam-hinam saksihon an taas na kalidad nan surfing na tagpakita sa sunod na henerasyon nan surfers sa Pilipinas.

Lain na importante sa kompetisyon amo si Kent Brian Solloso, sin-o niabante sa quarterfinals sanan nagpamatuod na marajaw sija na kakompetensya sanan umaabot na kontra sa iban na mga beterano. Sama sa naandan, an mga ibabaw sa Men’s Open Division an nihatag sa aksyon taghanap sa tanan sa nag-inusara laman na si John Mark ‘Marama’ Tokong na naghimo nan dili katuohan na superman trick atol sa quarter sanan semifinals, na amoy nakapadaya kanija sa final.

Atol sa semifinals, an dili maundang na si ‘Piso’ Alcala naghimo nan air reverse sa pinaka kritikal na bahin sa bayud, sa waya pa nija tagdugangan nan hamok na timing na mga paliko-liko. Nagpamatuod ini na pinaka kritikal na maneuver sa tibuok kompetisyon sanan takos na naghatag nija nan pwesto sa final. Sa ato nakita na mahamok na sa noagi, an final tali sa duha ka Siargaonon na paborito sila ‘Marama' sanan ‘Piso’ na nag-atubang sa man-on-man na duelo, pero kuman si ‘Piso’ an nidaya pauli sa kadaogan sanan tagkoronahan na kampeyon sa ika 21 na National Siargao Surfing Cup.

Sa Junior’s Division, si Marbin Delamide nahimo Kampeyon human nakadaog sa hugot sa final kontra nila John Carlos Noguera, Jomarie Ebueza sanan Gabriel Lerog. Si Delamide nisangka na sa noagi na bahin nan PSCT, pero ini na una na higayon na nakasuyod sija sanan nidaog sa final. Pahalipay kan Piso Alcala sanan Marbin Delamide, an mga Kampeyon sa ika 21 na National Surfing Cup.

Sa Oktubre, an PSCT naabot pinaka una na higayon sa Sidlakan na Samar, nakilayhan na Visayas Surfing Capital. An kompetisyon tagbuhat sa Calicoan Island sa ABCD point. An pawaya na bayud isa ka paraiso sa mga goofy footers, amo nga samtang naghatag ini na bag-o na pagsuway sa mga regular footers, naghatag isab ini tagkinahanglan na balanse sa daan na patuo laman na PSCT, na niresulta nan pagka utro sa sagad na rankings. Total nan 160 ka mga surfers an niapil sa kompetisyon sa Samar. Atol sa tibuok sangka, an kondisyon magana na naghatag nan tag 2 ka siki na hinlo na mga bayud, may pa baybay na hangin sa makadiyot atol sa sangka. Bali sa Siargao, an Samar na bahin may lima ka kategoriya: Men’s and Women’s Shortboard, Men’s and Women’s Longboard sanan Junior’s Division.

An Siargaonon na mga surfers nakadaog sa Shortboard Divisions, samtang an La Union na surfers nakadaog sa Longboard Divisions. Sila Roger Cagusay sanan Daisy Valdez, an tagkoronahan na kampeyon sa Longboard Divisions. Sa una na higayon sukad Septembre 2018, si Editor Jr “Piso” Alcala napildi sa semifinal ni Jay-r Esquivel, sin-o makaatubang ni John Mark “Marama” Tokong sa final. An taga La Union nakakuha sa unahan human makasumpot nan bagtik na 7 puntos na bayud, na nakapabija kan ‘Marama’, pero may panahon pa sa orasan an Siargaonon na surfer nisuway pagsagol-sagol pinaagi sa pagkuha nan patuo na mga bayud, pero an plano waya nilampos, nabijaan si ‘Marama’ na nagkinahanglan nan 8.66 sa halfway stage.

An goofy footer na si Jay-r Esquivel, nahimo na amo sa mga bayud sanan takos na nakuha an titulo na may total na heat score na 15.50 ka puntos. sa interview human sa sangka sa Siargao, si Jay-r Esquivel nakumbinser na pwede nija madaog an ini na bahin nan PSCT sanan an ija prediksyon nahinajon sa Samar.

An Women’s Shortboard tagdaog ni Joliana Longos, sin-o nakakuha sa ija una na kadaogan sa PSCT. An wahine gikan sa lungsod nan Pacifico sa Siargao nakakuha nan 9.60 ka puntos - na nakabija kan Ana Mae Alipayo na magpabilin sa ika duha na pwesto sa ini na higayon.

An Juniors Final puno sa pagka utro iban sa duha ka Siargaonon na nagsangka sila Gabriel Lerog, an kampeyon sa PSCT sa noagi an tuig kontra ni Benjomar Canon, sin-o nakadaog sa Siargao na bahin nan tour sa 2018. An kasamtangan na kampeyon - si Lerog - nagpamatuod na arang ka kusgan kay nakuha nija an kadaogan pinaagi sa 1.15 ka puntos sanan sa ija pagbalik sa baybay an ija mga higala nialsa kanija sa hangin para magselebrar. Kuman na surfing opisyal na mga Olympic Sport, an PSCT naghatag nan perpekto na plataporma para maugmad an talento sa mga umaabot na surfers, samtang pasagdan sila na motubo sanan mosangka para sa pwesto sa National Surfing Team.

Pagpabilin pa kamo kuman na Nobyembre kay an PSCT mobyahe sa La Union gikan sa ika 15 hangtod sa ika 21 para sa kataposan na bahin nan 2019 Championship Tour.

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