The Seeds Of An Alternative Living


Written by Mercedes Espina

Have you ever thought of acting without believing, without expecting rewards, acting just for the heck of it?

Most actions deserve neither praise nor blame, especially when one is not really better than the other. Come to think of it, isn’t self-importance just often projected as self-pity? And both are vanity. Have you ever given, volunteered, or helped purely and without ulterior motives?

These days have brought on a lot of introspection and a deepened appreciation of what is, what’s now, and what’s here. What present is present that can suffice one of our most basic needs; food. To which can help the whole community and make the economic and social wheel move forward within our beautiful isla.

Today, sustainability is one of the most sellable words. Perhaps one of the more admirable models right now is the one being practiced by Lokal since it was established May 2018 and continues to expand with and their NGO arm, Lokal.Lab.

Lokal has always been about balancing sustainability, how it can be achieved within local communities, and what this concept means to the locals of the island. The focus of this article will be on the farming communities that Lokal is supporting in the north of the isla.

With more and more people advocating for plant-heavy and plant-based diets these days, seems like the perfect time to really get to know the farming culture on the island. Veggies are awesome, and the farmers that help cultivate them even more so.

Lokal.Lab currently has a network of four farms in the north, with one of them in Barangay Matin-ao in Burgos. Being immersed in this farm, its environment, and the people cultivating it has been a truly humbling experience. The people are warm, the families treat you as one of their own, and the greens are always fresh. Makes you appreciate that cup of tea all the more.

One can only say so much with words, so browse through the infographics and get to know Lokal.Lab’s farming projects in more detail.

Supporting Lokal’s efforts by purchasing the produce they supply will have an amazing impact on the social and economic development of the island, and your body, ‘coz you know you gotta give your body a break from its sinful ways every now and then. You can also check out their website at

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