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Pictures by Matias Olivieri

It has been proven in the past years that this paradise is home to the best surfers in the country. Indeed, last year’s Top 3 champions from the Philippine Surfing Championship Tour (PSCT) were three local surfers.

What is remarkable to see are the skills these young athletes have, despite never having attended a professional training. But in order to compete at an international level they need to undergo discipline in order to improve from an intermediate level to a professional one, to be able to paddle for longer periods, to maximize wave count as well as to be able to stay longer underwater without losing energy and much more.

In March of this year, “Siargao Surf Club” was born with this precise goal: to guide athletes towards a professional level. The leader of the group and founder, Virgile Pailard, is a passionate surfer from France. He holds an accredited surf coach certificate by the biggest surf club in Hossegor, France. In 2017, he moved to the island and right after he found his purpose: helping local Filipinos to improve their skills through discipline.

“Siargao Surf Club”, only opened to local surfers, is today composed of 25 surfers, from 8 to 21 years old. In order to be part of the group, there are strict rules that each surfer have to follow and respect: parents’ permission, no parties, no drinking, no smoking, respecting the surf etiquette, being on time for every training and school attendance.

They apply sanctions when a member breaks the rules and they can easily be expelled. Moreover, each joiner has to pay PHP 50 in order to participate in each training.

The adults train every day from Monday to Friday, while the juniors train only during weekends. The training consists in physical, physiological and endurance exercises. When surfing, they are recorded and their videos are analyzed. “I greatly improved my body positions by watching myself”, explains Eduardo “Tata” Alciso, member of the Club.

Moreover, they also dive and freedive with the Palaka Dive Center instructors, in order to improve their underwater skills. At the Club, they reproduce scenarios that surfers encounter while surfing such as being underwater for long periods, in case of a wipe out.

“Before, I was not really motivated to surf in competitions, but since I joined the Club, I am more focused and excited to surf in a more competitive way,” explains Kent Bryan. During their time in the water, they would surf as if it was a 20 minutes heat competition, forcing them to choose the right wave. When the ocean does not offer waves, they practice their balance at the skate bowl in Bravo.

The Club will also act as an intermediary between surfers and sponsors. From the suggestions of coach Virgile, an interested sponsor will be guided to choose one surfer or another. So far, the Club is sponsored by Harana Surf Resort, Bravo Resort, Kudo Surf, La Santa, Siargao Project, Palaka Dive center and SOS Gym. But they are in need of more sponsors as the season of competition starts this month. If you would like to help these young athletes become better every day, contact the “Siargao Surf Club”.

Congratulations to the “Siargao Surf Club” for becoming a major player in the future careers of these local surfers!


Pagporma nan Umaabot na mga Kampeyon

Napamatud-an na sa nolabay na mga tuig na an ini na paraiso huy-anan sa mga pinakamarajaw na mga surfers sa nasod. Gani sa nolabay na tuig an Top 3 na mga kampeyon sa Philippine Surfing Championship Tour (PSCT) tuyo ka mga lokal na surfers.

Magana isab tan-awon an abilidad nan ini na mga batan-on na atleta, biskan waya pa sila makatungha nan propesyonal na pagbansay-bansay. Pero para makakompetensya sa internasyonal na lebel kinahanglan sila madisiplilna para mapadajaw gikan sa intermediate na lebel ngadto sa propesyonal, para makabugsay pa nan mas dugay, mapahimuslan an ihap nan bayud sanan makapadugay sa ilayom nan tubig na dili mawaya an kusog sanan iban pa.

Sa Marso nan ini na tuig, an “Siargao Surf Club” natawo na may ini na tujo: magiyahan an mga atleta pasingod sa propesyonal na lebel. An panguyo nan grupo sanan nagtukod, si Virgile Pailard, isa ka may pasyon na surfer gikan France. May ija sertipiko na akreditado na surf coach sa pinakadako na surf club sa Hossegor, France. Sa tuig 2017, nobalhin sija sa isla sanan human nahanap dajon nija ija katujoan: motabang sa mga lokal na Pilipino na mapadajaw an ila abilidad pinaagi sa disiplina.

An “Siargao Surf Club”, abre ra para sa mga lokal na surfers, kuman may sakop 25 ka surfers, gikan sa 8 ngadto sa 21 anyos. Para makaentra sa grupo, may estrikto na mga mando na angay sundon sa kada surfer: pagtugot sa ginikanan, bawal parties, bawal moinom, bawal manigarilyo, pagrespeto sa pamatasan sa surf, maabot sa sakto na oras sa kada bansay-bansay sanan pagtungha sa eskwelahan.

Mosilot sila pagka may miyembro na dili mosunod sa mando sanan sajon ra sab sila tangtangon. Labaw pa, an kada moentrahay kinahanglan mobayad nan PHP 50 para makaentra sa kada pagbansay-bansay.

An mga dagko nagbansay-bansay kada adlaw gikan Lunes hangtod Biyernes, samtang an mga juniors nagbansay-bansay lamang sa tapos nan semana. An pagbansay-bansay naglakip nan pisikal, pisiyolohikal sanan lahutay na pagbansay-bansay. Pagka magsurf, irecord sila sanan analisahon an ila mga video. “Nadajaw pagdako an ako posisyon sa lawas pinaagi sa pagtan-aw sa ako kaugalingon”, nipasabot si Eduardo “Tata” Alciso, miyembro sa Club.

Dugang pa, nagdive sab sila sanan nagfreedive iban sa mga instructors nan Palaka Dive Center, para mapadajaw an ila abilidad ilayom sa tubig. Sa Club, maghimo sila nan mga eksena na masugatan nan mga surfers samtang nagsurf sama sa mailayom sa tubig nan taas na higayon, pagka ma-wipe out.

“Sa una, waya gajod ako madasig na mosurf sa mga kompetisyon, pero sukad nag-entra ako sa Club, mas tutok na ako sanan naghinam-hinam na mosurf sa mas kompetitibo na paagi,” nipasabot si Kent Bryan. Sa ila panahon sa tubig, magsurf sila na kunohay may 20 minutos na kompetisyon sa heat, na makapugos nila na mopili sa sakto na bayud. Kon an kadagatan wayay mga bayud, magbansay-bansay sila sa ila balanse sa skate bowl didto sa Bravo.

An Club amo sab an mopatunga tali sa surfers sanan mga sponsors. Gikan sa suhestiyon ni coach Virgile, an isa ka interesado na sponsor giyahan para mopili nan isa o lain na surfer.

Hangtod kuman, an Club tagsponsoran nan Harana Surf Resort, Bravo Resort, Kudo Surf, La Santa, Siargao Project, Palaka Dive Center sanan SOS Gym. Pero kinahanglan pa sila nan dugang sponsors sa panahon nan kompetisyon na magsugod kuman na buyan. Kon gusto kaw motabang sa mga bata na atleta na mahimo mas marajaw kada adlaw, kontaka an “Siargao Surf Club”.

Pahalipay sa “Siargao Surf Club” kay nahimo sila na isa ka dako na magduduwa sa kaugmaon na karera nan ini na mga lokal na surfers!

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