EDITORIAL - Smiling, the remedy for dark time


Written by Olga Garcia

Smiles are a subconscious language which we all speak. They carry positive and recharging messages, but we usually don’t pay much attention to them. Scientists, neurologists, psychiatrists and physiologists have been studying the human brain for decades, trying to figure out how we perceive, understand and create happiness.

Certainly, smiling is part of the happiness recipe. As confirmed by multiple universities, who are studying this topic across the globe, smiling can lift our mood, lower stress, boost our immune system and even prolong our life.

Throughout this issue, we hope each article, column and report will bring you a smile because it is your kind, generous and altruistic actions that have inspired this edition.

Our team has been interviewing every group that has been organising fundraiser campaigns during some of the joyless moments which the local community has faced in the last few years. Despite the hard times, all of these volunteer frontliners have had permanent smiles on their faces and felt happy about helping other people, resonating this feeling to others.

Indeed, the greatest power of this language lies within. Smiles are contagious. In our brain, we have mirror neurons which fire when we both see an action and observe an action, which is why we often copy (mirror) the behaviour we observe in others.

So next time you smile at what someone says, laugh out loud at someone’s joke, greet someone or even more importantly laugh at yourself, know that with this simple action you are spreading joy to another person - creating a chain of happy people.

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