Surf Column: Surf Training at Home


*Written by Pia Lopez | Picture by Bryan Waverider, Virgile Paillard, Matt Power, and Mati Olivieri

Almost all surfers in the world are experiencing surf withdrawals due to the ongoing pandemic. For the first time in history, surfing has been banned worldwide (with some exceptions). Surf training seems the likeliest remedy to this disorder. Two experienced surf coaches share their approach to surf training and impart workout sessions to practice at home. Two experienced surf coaches share their approach to surf training and impart workout sessions to practice at home.


Director of Siargao Surf Club, Virgile Paillard's career as an aspiring surfer and coach started when he moved to the surfing capital of France - Hossegor. There the 24-year-old studied and received his accreditation as a surf coach at Capbreton Surf Club. Virgile followed his propensity to training more experienced surfers and in 2017 things clicked into place when he moved to Siargao and found his niche as one of the top surf coaches for the junior and open division competitors at national level. Virgile’s objective is to help Filipino’s break on to the international arena, which is why he founded Siargao Surf Club.

A lot can be derived from Virgile’s surfing philosophy - when asked who his favourite surfer is, he replied, “Kelly Slater is for me the best, when he was 30 and even now at 48-years-old, he still on top ‘cos he is still practicing different sport disciplines like jiu-jitsu, yoga, and golf… he never gets bored.” He goes on to add: “Kelly eats healthily and controls his diet, but the most important point is he listens to his body and knows when he needs to rest.” So, staying fit through a variety of movements, having fun, a healthy diet, and knowing your body well are all key to Virgile’s regimen.

Surfers of All Levels

The following training focuses on building and maintaining strength. Practice the routine below and you’ll be raring to hit the water when they cut the chords of quarantine:

  • 25 pushups
  • 30 situps
  • 15 burpees
  • 20 high jumps
  • Novice surfers: 3 rounds (3 min rest between rounds)
  • Intermediate/Advanced surfers: 4-5 rounds.
Coach Virgile’s Tips:

“Study your take off. Understanding speed goes a long way. Be able to assimilate information as quickly as possible while on a wave. To gain more awareness and to understand what he/she needs to improve on, video analysis is the best tool. Watching yourself is the best way to improve.”
Stay tuned as we bring you a second training!

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