The Plant Nursery Project

Good things can be born out of a pandemic. From economic hardships, comes ingenuity and entrepreneurship. Disruption of supply forces self-sustenance. Lack of access to food compels individuals to cul...

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Tattoos, Mindanaoan Art, and Old Siargao with Iñigo Jaldon

"There are so many quirky stories and extraordinary experiences to share - but it would take a novella. One thing’s for sure though, I would never experience these things and meet the people I met if...

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Inside and Out

Take a look at yourself. What do you see? Is it the person you think you are? In this present time while the world is healing, let’s take the opportunity to see how we are or how we’ve been doing with...

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Homegrown: A Resurgence On Farming and Fishing

Before homegrown Siargaonons were entertaining guests on the island, they were firstly farmers and fishermen. Their daily lives were spent growing various plants and vegetables as well as crafting fis...

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1st Place: "Man's Greater Depth to Life"

But as reality speaks, not everyone lives in abundance and so others are left with predicament: stay home or go out if starved, seek for a living or make unfavorable actions and live. If all these giv...

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2nd Place: The Place Where We Stand On

We live in different truths and circumstances. We walk on different pathways, and yet, one string connects us all- the aspect of being human. The thing is, all of our lives are intertwined more than...

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3rd Place: Building Up defenses: Coexistence of Precaution and Responsibility

“Many kids nowadays spend most of their time doing trivial things on social media. Why not do something productive to help earn for you and your family? Why not showcase your inner talent and skill so...

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4th Place: Making a Difference Starting with Ourselves

Another step in our quest to achieve a better world is the use of our voice, in a correct manner. Our voice is a tool, soft or loud, it is still powerful and what one might say might reshape the cours...

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Art in the Time of Corona

Over the years, people from all walks of life have been attracted to Siargao, and we can’t deny that the island has become home to many artists and that it has been a place for creativity. The island...

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