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A Special Coverage of Homegrown: Open Kitchen

The most devastating effect of COVID-19 to the locals of Siargao has been the temporary halt of tourism, which has been the backbone of the economy and livelihood of the island. Historically, Siargaon...

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Sustainable Fisheries

In the Philippines, Rare collaborates with local government units and coastal communities to promote sustainable fisheries through the program Fish Forever. Together with a local campaign team, they a...

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Roots and Resilience

On March 14, while we witnessed the whole nation go indoors and the economy put on hold, something unexpected happened on this island. Gardens started to sprout, a new economy was formed, and people s...

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Adobo: Our Unofficial National Dish

It’s safe to say that just about every Filipino loves adobo. Sweet, savoury, and tangy describes the quintessential Philippine stew in a nutshell. In terms of cooking it, it’s super simple to prepare,...

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EDITORIAL - Smiling, the remedy for dark time

Smiles are a subconscious language which we all speak. They carry positive and recharging messages, but we usually don’t pay much attention to them. Scientists, neurologists, psychiatrists and physiol...

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Surf Column: Surf Training at Home

Almost all surfers in the world are experiencing surf withdrawals due to the ongoing pandemic. For the first time in history, surfing has been banned worldwide (with some exceptions). Surf training se...

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What Lessons is COVID-19 Teaching us?

In the past few months, we have seemingly been living in an episode from the history books. It still feels like a fictional movie directed by Quentin Tarantino and produced by Marvel Entertainment.

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The Seeds Of An Alternative Living

Sustainability is one of the most sellable words today. Perhaps one of the more admirable models right now is the one being practiced by Lokal since it was established in May 2018 and continues to exp...

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Hope in the Face of Adversity

When humanity is facing vital challenges, it can bring out the worst of people. Fear, panic, and despair, triggered by all sorts of threats, can cause one to isolate, to consider the other as an enemy...

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