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Karaoke Culture in Siargao

Blasting from as early as sunrise until the wee hours of the night, karaoke in the Philippines — and in Siargao, for that matter — knows no time and doesn’t really call for any occasion other than Fil...

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Surf Column: Birth of a Wave

Surfing is pure sorcery. Sure, it’s a natural phenomena, but it’s still sorcery. Imagine how a blow in the wind thousands of kilometres away would start a force that travels for weeks, building in siz...

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The Tree of Life

Lush coconut forests boast as a beautiful backdrop in many holiday photos from Siargao, but the mighty plant known as the tree of life has so much more to it than what meets the eye.

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Business in a time of crisis

“What is a good business to get into?” is a frequent question I encounter in my line of work. But now the question on everyone’s mind is: “Will we survive this corona crisis”?

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Homegrown: Mission Education

Earning a Bachelor’s degree is celebrated and considered as a milestone in the life of every Filipino. This is the ultimate goal planted by lumadnon parents for their children, because after all, educ...

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The Holiday of Holy Week

Semana Santa of twenty-five years ago seems like an ancient memory compared to today’s happenings. The old days remind us of quiet countrysides and coming home to ancestral provinces with whole villag...

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Sweets for Abstinence: Binignit

In the old days, Good Friday was a time of refrain. Many Christian Filipinos abstain from meat and their favorite foods. Get to know Binignit, the unofficial national comfort food of Biyernes Santo!

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Give meaning to your vacation by helping out the environment. Make this SEAmana Santa a holy one by realising that the environment does not need us, but we, desperately need the environment!

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Editorial - The River of Time

Time is the most precious commodity we have. It is an intangible concept, but one which is always present, no matter how old we are, where we are or what we do. Time constantly moves with our shadow a...

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