How to get from the airport to General Luna?

It usually takes 45 minutes to get from Sayak airport to General Luna town.

Most of the resorts in Siargao offer their own airport transport to and from the airport. You can contact your chosen accommodation to arrange them for you and pay the standard price of 300php.

Otherwise there are vans parked outside the airport that can take you to General Luna for the same price.

You also have the option to ride tricycles and habal habals (motorbikes with covers) if you are feeling a bit adventurous, but you need to haggle and negotiate with the drivers.

What is the mode of transportation in Siargao?

The mode of transportation most often used in Siargao are motorbikes for rent. The most popular one is the scooter – an automatic motorbike which is easy to drive. Other motorbikes are XRM (semi-automatic), TMX (manual) etc. If you don't know how to drive there are tricycles and habal habals you can hop in for a fee of 20 pesos per way around General Luna.

Should I rent a motorbike?

It is advisable to rent a motorbike as it is the easiest way to get around General Luna and the surrounding towns.

How much should I pay for a motorbike rent in Siargao?

The standard price for a one day rent of a motorbike is 500php. If you are going to rent for three or more days the price will go down to 400 pesos per day, more or less. For a week rent the price is between 350 to 300.

Is it safe to drive around Siargao?

In Siargao there are no traffic lights. The safety will depend on how you drive and navigate on the road. We advise everyone to wear helmets (you can ask for helmets when you rent) and drive slowly when driving around. As much as possible, don´t overtake other vehicles especially the vans and other motorbikes. There are road signs you can follow which tell you how the speed limit. DRIVE SAFE.

Do I need to have a license to drive around Siargao?

Yes! Driver’s license is a must when you drive around Siargao. There could be check points around the island where you need to present your driver’s license so it is advisable to always carry yours when driving.

Where should I rent a motorbike?

There are loads of places where you can rent motorbikes. Most of the resorts, homestays and hostels have their own motorbike rentals otherwise you can walk on the main tourism road and you will find establishments that offer the same service.

Are there ATM’s on the island?

Yes! There are several ATM’s you can find in General Luna and Dapa.

  • There’s the Cantilan Bank ATM in GL in front of the Catholic church where you can withdraw money with your visa card.
  • There’s One Network Bank in town where you can withdraw money with your master card.
  • There are the newly opened ATM booths around Tourism Road where you can withdraw money with different kinds of cards. However, we encourage everyone to bring as much cash as you can to lessen the hassle
How safe are the ATM’s in Siargao?

They are always safe but sometimes the connection can be a bit weak so when it happens that you have some trouble getting money from the ATM, it is better to contact your bank as early as possible to fix any unwanted troubles.

When is the best time to visit Siargao?

If you don’t surf but planning to visit and explore Siargao, the best time to go is from April to October as these are the summer months. The surf season in Siargao starts around September as the south west monsoon brings the best swells on the island giving Cloud 9 some shoulder to triple overhead high waves.

When is the rainy season in Siargao?

The rainy season starts as early as November and can last until May.

What’s the weather like in Siargao?

Siargao has its dry and wet season. It's usually sunny and hot in Siargao from May to October and rainy from November to April. But it is a tropical weather so minimum temperatures are around 20 degrees.

How is the internet in Siargao?

Siargao is a tiny island on the tip of Surigao del Norte in Northern Mindanao. It is a separate island from the mainland. Connections can be weak to nonexistent depending on the location you are in. The main internet providers are SMART and Globe. Smart works better on the island especially in General Luna as they have a tower located in Brgy. Catangnan but Globe works well in GL nonetheless. There are times that the signal is weak for both providers depending on the weather. Areas like Malinao and Union have weak connections. Some areas in the north have no signal at all like Pacifico, Alegria, Sta. Monica and the like.

Which sim card should I use in the Philippines?

Smart and Globe are the biggest sim card providers in the Philippines. For some reason, people from the cities like Manila and Cebu choose to use Globe but people from the provinces choose to use Smart. In Siargao’s case, they choose the latter as it gives them more signal and it’s mostly affordable. You can buy sim cards as cheap as 40php in stores and shops near you and you can top them up at 10php to a higher price.

What is the religion in the Philippines?

The Philippines is mostly Roman Catholics because of the 333 years of Spanish Colonization in the country in the 16thCentury. 80% of  Filipinos are Catholics whilst the 20% varies from Born-again Christians, Muslims, and other religions.

Do I need a visa to visit the Philippines?

All countries are allowed to enter the Philippines visa free for 30 days. After that you need a visa.

Where do I extend my visa in Siargao?

If you are in Siargao, to extend your visa you must go to Surigao City - a three-hour boat trip away. The immigration office is located in Gaisano Mall, opened from Monday to Friday.

Do I need to pay a departure tax when leaving the Philippines?

When you are leaving the Philippines from Manila, travel tax is already included in your purchased plane ticket. When you are leaving the Philippines from Cebu, the travel tax is not included in your purchased plane ticket so you have to pay a 750php fee, only cash accepted, at the check in counters.

Is Siargao Safe?

Philippines as a tourist destination is mostly safe. Siargao in general as we can say is very safe. Generally speaking, utmost care to everything is the safest answer to this question. Following the rules and regulations comes second. As for Siargao, you can check our “island ethics” section to know how you can enjoy the most out of our island home and have unlimited fun in paradise.

Can I drink the water in Siargao?

Water in Siargao is sourced in deep wells giving it a Sulphur smell and a yellowish color. That being said, it is not advisable to drink tap water. But don’t fret, all resorts, homestays, guest houses, hostels, and restaurants around the island provide safe drinking water. We encourage everyone to bring their own water bottles to also protect our ocean from its plastic problem.

Do I need vaccinations to visit the Philippines?

The Philippines is a tropical country and home to some mosquito-borne diseases. Some vaccinations are required or recommended upon traveling to the country. Vaccinations for Hepatitis a and B, rabies, polio, meningitis, MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella), typhoid, yellow fever, etc. are encouraged. Dengue and chikungunya are present in many areas as well so we advise you to bring some mosquito repellents and bug nettings when you travel the country.

What language do they speak in Siargao?

Siargao has its very own Dialect called “Siargaonon” but most of its inhabitants can speak interchangeably from Siargaonon to Bisaya to Tagalog and of course English. As most Filipinos, everyone can speak a word or two in the English language so you will not have a very difficult time communicating with the locals.

What kind of power outlet should I use in Siargao?

220 volts, 60Hz, socket type A. Mostly the American type socket

What’s the best season to surf in Siargao?

Siargao is known to be the surf capital of the Philippines. There are mostly waves all-year round. Surfers will best enjoy the surf anytime between July and December. Between these months, the southwest monsoon will keep swells offshore and is known to be time of the year when the surfing conditions are the cleanest.

How is Siargao as a surfing destination?

This island is known to have a lot of surf spots from beginner, to intermediate to advanced surfers. All-year round, there are waves for each and every skill level. You can check the description of each spot and forecast in our SURF category. 

How many surf spots are there?

The island has more or less around 15 surf breaks, both on and off shore. Check out the spots at our SURF category.

Where is the best spot to learn?

For travellers learning to surf, just around the corner from Cloud 9 there is a spot called Jacking Horse. It’s a small break, perfect for beginners and those wanting to learn how to surf.

Where can I look at the forecast?

For forecasts, tides and swells, you can check our SURF category. You can also check with the place you’re staying, they usually have updated forecasts or download the app, MSW (Magicseaweed).

Where can I rent a board?

Cloud 9 area has the most surfboard rental stalls. Other resorts and surf shops along Tourism Road have surfboard rentals too. You may check our SURF categories for schools and rentals.

How much is a board per day?

Surf lessons with instructor is usually Php 1,200 per two hours. Board rental alone is Php500 per day, but depends on how long you plan to rent it, the longer the cheaper. 

Are there any dangerous spots?

There are spots that are not surfable during low tide. Please check with your local guide for times of tides. Any surf break can be dangerous when the waves are big, so please be careful and always ask your local guide before heading out on your own.

How is the windy season?

The windy season or Amihan season as it is named in the local language, starts from November until March. Surf breaks that work are the ones that are protected such as Salvacion and Giwan. 

Are there private clinics?

There are two private clinics around the island: Island Doctors and Metropolitan Doctors Medical Clinic which are both located in General Luna.

In case of emergency:

Metropolitan Doctor’s Medical Clinic: +63 918 926 31 12

Island Doctor’s: +63 917 848 43 57

How is the hospital like?

There is a hospital in the island located in Dapa Municipality. Unfortunately, the hospital has been downgraded to an infirmary with an existing bed capacity of only thirty (30) and more or less has only three (3) regular doctors. Most of the time, major emergency cases cannot be responded to adequately and residents have to go to Surigao City for proper treatment.

Not to make you worry though, just please be extra careful when visiting the island. 

Are there pharmacies in the island?

Yes. Sam’s Pharmacy located in General Luna and there are also several in Dapa.